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About RAG Austria AG

RAG Austria AG is the country’s largest energy storage company, and one of Europe’s leading storage facility operators.

The company’s core focus is the storage, conversion and needs-based conditioning of energy in gaseous forms. The company has storage capacity of about 6.3 bn cubic metres (cu m) of natural gas, or about 6% of total EU capacity. A large part of RAG’s underground gas reservoirs have already been converted into storage facilities, which can rapidly discharge stored energy in large quantities on demand. In this way, RAG is delivering on its vision of “sustainable energy mining” and decisively reinforcing security of supply in Austria and Central Europe.

If you want the world to remain as it is, you don’t want the world to remain at all.
Erich Fried

RAG operates and continues to develop a total of 11 pore storage facilities. These include the storage facilities in Puchkirchen/Haag, Haidach, Haidach 5, Aigelsbrunn and the 7Fields interconnected gas storage as well as the hydrogen storage facilities in Pilsbach and Rubensdorf.

The company also develops innovative, leading-edge energy technologies  related to green gas that partner renewables. This is enabling RAG to play a vital role in attaining European and Austrian climate goals, and in the sustainable stewardship of Austria’s raw material and energy supplies. RAG is committed to providing its business partners and their customers with reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable energy and gas storage services over the long term.

The use and marketing of gas as a transport fuel (CNG and LNG) is another important line of business. RAG opened Austria’s first LNG filling station at Ennshafen port, near Linz, in 2017, which was followed in 2019 by a second LNG filling station in Feldkirchen near Graz. The gas comes from RAG’s domestic gas fields and is processed at the company’s LNG plant in Gampern, Upper Austria, which currently produces about two tonnes of LNG per day. RAG also operates public self-service CNG filling stations in Gampern and Kremsmünster.

RAG Exploration & Production GmbH produces valuable, environmentally friendly hydrocarbons – which are used as raw materials throughout Austria – in Upper Austria and Salzburg. About 15% of the gas required in Austria for private households, industry and power generation is produced domestically. In 2020, RAG produced around 72.5m cu m of natural gas (primary production) and 57,600 tonnes of crude oil, equivalent to 9.8% and 10.8% of Austrian domestic production respectively. The company also operates two tank farms with a combined capacity of around 260,000 tonnes of crude oil. The tanks are approved storage facilities in accordance with section 5 of the Austrian Erdölbevorratungs- und Meldegesetz (Oil Stockholding and Reporting Act), and they are used by RAG’s customers for short-term and long-term storage of legally required compulsory emergency reserves.

Thanks to its decades of experience and valuable subsurface engineering expertise, RAG can support the implementation of geothermal projects as required. A number of well-known spas, including Geinberg, Blumau, Waltersdorf and Loipersdorf, can be traced back to RAG drilling projects which discovered hot springs as opposed to hydrocarbons. RAG subsidiary Silenos Energy successfully commissioned a geothermal plant with a watercooling system for the first time in Garching an der Alz in Germany. In Vienna, RAG is putting its deep-geothermics expertise to use in the GeoTief project, supporting an eco-friendly approach to ensuring sustainable energy supplies for generations to come.

Company profile

Management structure

Executive Board member
Markus Mitteregger joined the RAG Austria AG Executive Board in 2003. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Chairman in 2008. He is responsible for the Strategy, Storage, Green Gas Technology and Business Development departments.
Michael Längle was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2011. His responsibilities include the Downstream (energy trading) department, as well as the Group finance and accounting, controlling, purchasing, IT and human resources functions.

Supervisory Board

  • Stefan Szyszkowitz, Chairman
  • Axel Wietfeld, Deputy Chairman 
  • Franz Mittermayer
  • Martin Graf
  • Anneliese Neubacher-Firmhofer (delegated by the Works Council)
  • Johannes Pichelbauer (delegated by the Works Council)