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Sustainability report 19/20

About this report

About this report

This publication, which is the second sustainability report to be compiled by RAG Austria AG, contains information on sustainability issues relating to the 2019 and 2020 financial years.

The contents of the report relate to the company’s locations in Austria and extend exclusively to RAG Austria AG including its material subsidiaries.

RAG Exploration & Production GmbH (REP) was not included in the 2018 report. Plans for the potential reuse of all developed underground sandstone gas reservoirs are currently being evaluated. As a result, the Executive Board decided to include REP in this report. Domestic production of valuable crude oil for further processing in industry and the pharmaceuticals sector is an important element of the Austrian economy. RAG is already thinking ahead and assessing whether REP’s reservoirs can be used for storing energy or to supply renewable energy for its own use once they have been depleted. The corresponding figures for 2018 have been adjusted to reflect this change.

Transparency is one of the main tenets of corporate social responsibility. We conform to this principle by providing information on decisions and activities that affect society and the environment. This report is intended to give our stakeholders an insight into our operations and highlight the targets and measures we have adopted to ensure that we live up to our responsibilities as a corporate citizen. In addition, we highlight potential for improvement and provide details of future activities.
RAG is not obliged to draw up a sustainability report and have it audited by an external body, but sees the process as a valuable opportunity to use the assessor’s findings to make the necessary quality improvements and generate new impetus for achieving its CSR goals. The report was assessed for conformity with the Core option of the GRI standards by Quality Austria. The report was approved by the RAG Austria AG Executive Board, which comprises Markus Mitteregger and Michael Längle.

We look forward to your feedback, and to responding on behalf of RAG Austria AG to any questions or suggestions you may have.

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