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Sustainability report 19/20

A Responsible employer

2019 | 2020

  • Development of management principles
  • Spending on training significantly increased
  • Driving forward digitalisation process
  • BGF quality seal for 2019-2021
  • RAG wins 2020 BGF prize

2021 | 2022

  • Training focus on project management and self-management
  • Enabling mobile working
  • Diversity Charter signed


We are committed to providing our employees with excellent, flexible and safe working conditions, and an environment that supports them in making the best use of their abilities and promotes their development.

Every year RAG invests heavily in occupational health programmes and training schemes. Management also gives prominence to measures aimed at improving workplace safety and adopts a proactive approach to projects designed to enhance staff wellbeing.

We can count on professional and highly motivated employees who demonstrate their loyalty to the company over the course of many years and are passionate about implementing RAG’s sustainability goals.
Nicole Jeschkowsky | Recruiting and Employer Branding

Treating employees with respect

Equal opportunities, integration and diversity are central elements of our corporate philosophy. RAG’s workforce includes people from many different countries, and all are treated absolutely equally in terms of pay and career opportunities, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, cultural background or religion. We see different linguistic and cultural backgrounds as a major asset for the various teams and a valuable factor in expanding individual horizons. RAG has benefited from the diverse range of cultural backgrounds and native languages spoken by its people on multiple occasions, as this has helped to open up and significantly shape new business opportunities in international markets. The different working approaches, values and levels of experience found in mixed-age teams at the company could potentially present various challenges. But at RAG we see this diversity as a major advantage and make every effort to draw on the wealth of experience offered by older employees at the internal RAGkademie training courses to ensure that this invaluable knowledge is passed on to younger employees. And the range of pre-retirement part-time opportunities offered under RAG’s flexible working time models play a key role in ensuring that we accommodate the needs of older employees to the fullest extent possible.

In 2021, an internal diversity officer was appointed at the company as a central point of contact for stakeholders and male and female employees to ensure that equal opportunities and anti-discrimination measures are embedded in all recruitment and HR development processes.

In addition to these measures, the Executive Board also signed the Diversity Charter on behalf of RAG as an expression of the company’s clear commitment to respect all members of society.

Our approach to our work is characterised by appreciation of one another, mutual respect and support, as well as a focus on sharing information, knowledge and expertise. Once employees were given the opportunity to re-appraise our values at the annual kick-off event in 2018, we took further measures to revitalise our approach in 2020.

A set of leadership principles was drawn up at our leadership workshop to reflect our corporate values and underpin our management expertise. In 2021, heads of department and team leaders were invited to flesh out these principles with specific content and come up with practical examples of how to apply them in practice. Once this process is completed, the management principles will be rolled out across the entire company and implemented in all departments.

RAG from an employee perspective

As part of its commitment to maintaining clear lines of communication with existing and prospective employees, the HR department actively evaluates and assesses feedback left on platforms such as Kununu and shared in engagement surveys such as Great Place to Work.

A Great Place to Work survey is scheduled to take place in 2021. We want to use the results to find out more about how our employees experience RAG Austria AG as an employer and pinpoint where we can make improvements on behalf of our people.

Our management principles


  • We are actively shaping the future of energy with optimism
  • We remain true to our commitment to exceptional quality and performance.
  • We know that the courage to innovate is key to securing our future, and provide space for this to happen.
  • We view flexibility as a prerequisite for long-term commercial success.


  • We cultivate the strengths of our employees and ensure that their successes are visible.
  • We trust our employees and enable them to take responsibility
  • We communicate openly and respectfully with each other


  • We take decisions in a timely and transparent manner.
  • We see constructive criticism and a positive error culture as an opportunity for development.
  • We actively promote closer cooperation between all areas, departments and teams.