Sustainability Report 19 | 20

energy solutions

In order to hit climate targets and significantly reduce CO2 emissions, it is essential to implement them throughout the energy sector.

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Safe Plants
and work processes

We are convinced that the energy transformation can only succeed if security of supply is guaranteed. Highly developed gas infrastructure, including storage facilities, means that enough energy is always available.

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Climate and environmental protection

Protecting the climate is the core focus of a sustainable energy system. We want to make a significant contribution to the success of the European Union’s Green Deal initiative by developing and implementing projects related to environmentally friendly energy storage.

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The future interests me far more than the past, as I intend living in it.
Albert Einstein

Health at work

Workplace health promotion is a high priority for our company and a core element of our HSE management system.

Climate neutral operations by 2040

A core aspect of RAG’s sustainable energy mining concept is using production sites to produce renewable energy (such as photovoltaic power). RAG is converting well sites into solar energy sites.

Environmental Protection

Together with safety, environmental protection and responsible stewardship of Austria’s natural resources are paramount in all of our activities and work processes.

Sustainable procurement

To help raise awareness of sustainability-related factors in the supply chain, we want to invite stakeholders to participate in a sustainability dialogue and discuss potential solutions with us.

Strategy – strong focus on sustainability

Sustainability lies at the heart of RAG’s energy operations. And it is the guiding principle for our initiatives aimed at shaping the future energy landscape, a landscape that will be climate-friendly, technologically open and networked. Achieving this transformation will call for major efforts from all stakeholders, from businesses and politicians, as well as consumers.

annual energy
Proportion of orders
for goods and services
placed in Austria

Local links

We consider ourselves part of the communities in which we operate our facilities because of our ties to the regions in which we operate, some of which go back decades.

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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
Robert Swan

Enjoy reading our sustainability report

We are pleased to present the second Sustainability Report of RAG Austria AG. It contains information on sustainability-related topics for the financial years 2019 and 2020.

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